Adhesives & Sealants

Range of adhesives/sealants presenting the most innovative and versatile properties and characteristics, as well as the highest performance and reliability compared to traditional systems of bonding and welding applications.

According to their chemical base, they are classified in the groups of:

PU, Hybrid PU, MS Polymers, Acrylics, Epoxies, MMA

According to their curing mechanism, they are classified in 2 categories:

One component (1Κ) and two component (2Κ) adhesives/sealants

They are highly approved in the modern constructional applications where there is the demand of extremely high bonding strength, speed and efficiency for the functional bonding of modern materials. They are specially designed for the bonding of totally dissimilar materials, which can be of high, medium, or even low surface energy.

In general, they offer a wide range of physical properties, enabling them to withstand the strictest requirements for high performance bonding and elasticity under severe aging and UV weathering conditions without cracking or yellowing when subjected to extended UV-light exposure.

Top Brands