Core part of our business has been, since the starting point up todays, the market sector of vehicle finishing coatings.

During the last 15 years, we extended our coatings objective in several additional market sectors such as coatings for yachting, aircrafts, heavy duty machinery, industrial and construction products.

Progressively and taking advantage of our experience in chemicals, we moreover build up in our range, products that offer solutions in the fields of industrial manufacture and construction projects.


Dealing in all these sectors, independently of project’s size, our main philosophy and target is always the personal approach on the demand in general,  the analysis of implemented working procedures, so as to offer the optimal productive and technically solutions, through our high leveled supporting and distributing services .

Our team

Our main target is constantly to invest, apart company’s means and infrastructure, basically on our human resources in all internal implemented procedures.

Our team stands as our comparative advantage and our company’s added value, strengthening our flexibility to deal by the most successive way, across the increasing demands in our business territory.


MACOTRAL SA, under its current legal formation, has been set up in 1986 and runs already in the 4th decade, active as a distributor in both Greek and European market.

However, it substantially integrates additional experience of more than 10 years, by pre-existing family companies in the market. So we are proud to introduce ourselves as a clearly family company, run by the 3rd generation of people involved, evolving and developing in constant basis the objective and the range of our products.


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