Industrial manufacture

Through a customized analysis of the implemented applications, the objective of the production procedure, as well as any other special requirements, we are in position to supply high performance solutions pointed to the several stages of industrial production.

Specifically, we offer a wide range of coatings, adhesives for metal or non-metal materials, abrasive and micro-finishing systems, tools and equipment, signing of production place, as well as a specialized range of products around personal protection and safety.

Top Brands


Product range offering solutions in several sophisticated construction works over a wide range of materials (metals, wood, ceramics, composites), either they take place on customized constructions or higher production…


Vehicle finishing sector stands for us the objective where the company has been grown for more than 40 years. Through a constantly growing range of more than 3000 products, we offer innovative solutions, independently…


High efficiency yacht finishing systems as well as products for yacht’s care and maintenance, that cover high demands on yachting refit sector, independently of project’s size and implemented refit works…